East Coast Edition

Rails Camp USA

Join us for three nights of hacking, socialising and game playing, without any phone or internet

Rails Camps are events for members of the
web development community to meet others
and learn from each other.

Rails Camp is a friendly, welcoming, informal event to improve skills and build connections with others, for web professionals of all levels of experience. While there will be a general focus on Ruby (and Rails), attendees of all technical backgrounds and experience are welcomed and encouraged to join.

You should come to Rails Camp if you’re interested in Ruby, Rails or any other web technology, if you want to hack on something, or if you want to hang out, meet new people, and play werewolf.

Some of the activities include:


Rails Camp was born in Australia in 2007, and has been happening twice a year there ever since. There have also been Rails Camps in the UK, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Poland, and Denmark -- plus a few over in New England a while ago. Rails Camps in the USA were recently re-started by a very successful event in September last year in the Sierras. We are bringing that same experience to the East Coast this April. To see details of other camps, you can visit http://railscamps.net/.


Our goal is to make this event as affordable as possible to attendees, and this is a non-for-profit community event. The ticket price includes accommodation, meals and bus transfers from JFK airport and Port Authority in Manhattan. We also offer discounted tickets for minorities in the Ruby/Rails community. Sales end March 25th, 2016.

Code of conduct

Rails Camp USA has an anti-harassment policy and requires all attendees to abide by a Code of Conduct. You can read it here: Rails Camp USA Code of Conduct.

Photos and other links

What to bring with you

Camp essentials

Nice to have

Projects, hacking and speaking

If you want to work on a project at Rails Camp, we recommend you:

Bus Schedule

JFK Airport Pick Up

Bus pick from JFK Airport will be from Federal Circle Station at 2pm. As a side note, the car rental facilities at JFK Airport are all located at the same area.

The JFK AirTrain is an automatic train service that circulates throughout the entire grounds of the airport. To get to Federal Circle, you will have to take the AirTrain service to Station C. You can take either the Jamaica Station Train or the Howard Beach Train. The AirTrain service within the airport is free and no ticket is required. Frequency of the train during the middle of the day is every 10-15 minutes.


The Ashokan Center is located in the Catskills area, two hours drive from New York. You're welcome to make your own way there. The Center has plenty of parking.

However, we will be organising buses from JFK airport or Port Authority to the camp site for those people who need a lift. There will also be a return bus at the end of the camp, back to the pick up location.

Phone reception at the camp is patchy at best. You might be able to get a phone call if you’re standing in the right place, but don’t expect to be able to tether from your phone.

Ashokan Center, Catskills, NY
477 Beaverkill Rd, Olivebridge



We are looking for one more sponsor to help support the camp. Rails Camp is a unique opportunity for your company to engage with a bunch of cool, diverse developers and designers that are also active in the Ruby and web communities. If you think you company will be interested in sponsoring Rails Camp, please get in touch!